Shalom: Gift and Mission

A friend passed along the following litany, written by hymnist Ruth Duck. It has remained with me, especially as I prepare for Confirmation Sunday. I pray that the young people of our congregation who affirm their baptism this weekend will both know profound security through trusting in Christ and will be inspired to more boldly participate in God’s work for peace and justice for all of creation. In a word, I pray for them shalom.

A Litany of Shalom, by Ruth Duck

Two things we know about the vision of shalom. Shalom is a gift to us from God. And Shalom is our mission.

Shalom is a personal relationship between God and all God’s earthly children.

Shalom is the home that we seek, the goal of our spiritual journeys, and the valley of our delight.

Shalom is our sense of security, of being cared for and loved.

Shalom is the source of our courage and strength for which we so earnestly yearn.

Shalom is the harmonious relationship with God, which then expresses itself in our thinking, feeling, and doing with ourselves, others, and God.

Shalom is reconciliation: a body and soul become whole, a house once divided becomes a home again, the lion lies down with the lamb.

Shalom is justice for all that we so easily forget when we are in control.

Shalom is our Christ, God’s Hoy Child, whom we crucify and bury, but who will not die.

Shalom is a gift to us from God. Shalom is our mission.


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